With Khalil Mack clearly not at 100%, and the Bears' pass rush lacking because of it, should the Bears sit mack? Insider JJ Stankevitz is joined by John "Moon" Mullin as the two discuss what to do with the defense and look ahead to the Jets game this weekend. 

0:30: The Bears no longer have Richard Dent’s “Rule of Threes” with their pass rush

3:27: Should Khalil Mack be playing? How ineffective has he been after injuring his ankle?

7:15: The Bears need Leonard Floyd to step up, but he hasn’t shown any signs that he will

9:20: Why has the Bears’ defense gone from being a top 10 group last year to looking leaky over the last two games?

12:45: The Jets and Bills could be good opportunities for Khalil Mack to rest his ankle, but would the Bears feel comfortable with it?

15:45: Inside the numbers of why Jordan Howard hasn’t fit in Matt Nagy’s offense

18:40: So Jordan Howard can catch, but that doesn’t mean he’s a better fit in the Bears’ offense

22:20: If the Bears are passing to set up the run, why hasn’t Howard had success?

25:00: Even with Howard struggling, the Bears’ offense has been putting up points lately

You can listen to the entire thing right here, or in the embedded player below: