Podcast Mailbag: Are Pace and Nagy still on the same page?


Things are looking bleak for the Bears after the third straight loss. Has the struggling offense and consecutive losses put a wedge between Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy?

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis try and answer this question — among many — in the weekly mailbag episode of the Under Center podcast. The crew also wonders which Bears beat writer would win in a foot race, whether the Bears would tag Allen Robinson only to trade him, and how much blame should Nagy get for not being able to develop Mitch Trubisky?

(1:14) - Matt Nagy speaks about his in-game play-calling and the chances he gives it up

(9:08) - Should Pace fire Nagy to protect himself?

(14:10) - Are Nagy and Pace on the same page?

(19:05) - Who would win in a foot race?

(25:25) - If Nagy is fired, what other job would he be able to get?

(29:37) - How much responsibility should fall on Nagy for not developing Trubisky?

(35:06) - Should Pace draft a QB or an offensive lineman with the Bears first round pick?

(43:50) - Would the Bears franchise tag Allen Robinson and trade him?

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