The Bears are confusing in the way that tie-dye Goldfish are confusing. Objectively, they are a 3-0 team – and if you close your eyes, the Bears still taste like a 3-0 team. But when you look at them, something just ... doesn't feel right. (it's the green ones) And honestly? Whatever. They could be the Vikings. Finishing September undefeated, without great play from either side of the ball, isn't too bad of a spot to be in. But "being reasonable" is the coward's game and extremely not what Twitter is for. Here's how we're feeling: 

Verdict: This Is Venturing Dangerously Close To An Overreaction But Toes The Line Beautifully 

If it hadn't already, the beginning of Trubisky's end in Chicago probably started yesterday when he got pulled. Foles is the guy now, but the Bears don't need (or should – and let's be very clear about this – expect) him to play at an MVP-caliber level. That's not Nick Foles. There's reason to believe that the offense may look better, but as we dive head first into the Super Bowl Champion Nick Foles Experience here for the next 12 weeks or so, let's at least start with a level head. 

Verdict: It's Getting Harder To Snarkily Call This An Overreaction 

Trubisky's not playing himself out of the league, but at this point it's pretty difficult to see a scenario where he goes into another city competing for a job. His draft position, win-loss record, and 2018 highlight reel will probably land him a job somewhere next year, but the days of being a de facto starter are gone. Then again, Trubisky's friend Chase Daniel would probably say there are one or two nice things about life as a career backup. 


Verdict: Not An Overreaction, Khalil Mack's Biceps Are Bigger Than Most People's Legs. 

 Verdict: This Is Somehow Both An Overreaction (sorry) And A Good Question

I tend to think that Hicks' underrated-ness is so frequently talked about that he may, in fact, be properly rated now – at least in Chicago. He's been the most consistently visible player on the defense this season, and his monster game against the Falcons would have looked even more impressive if not for the soft personal foul he picked up on a sack. It's hard to be in any 'best-interior-defender-in-football' debate while Aaron Donald still plays, but who cares, ranking is dumb. Just keep appreciating Akiem Hicks, and keep talking to everyone about how no one talks about Akiem Hicks. 

Verdict: This Is Technically Not An Overreaction But No, Allen Robinson Should Absolutely Go First 


Verdict: Yes! Good! This Is Not An Overreaction! Choose Joy! 

Thank you to Josh, who gets it. 

Verdict: Not An Overreaction, Just Sweet, Pure Content