Week 6 Overreactions: Let's talk about a Super Bowl run


How anyone in Chicago could be more upset about the Bears' 5-1 start than they are about the fact that it's already 40 degrees is beyond me. The Vikings are 1-5! Aaron Rodgers just took a 31-point L! The Jets didn't score once on Sunday! When their game ended they literally did not have one single point. Things could be worse. And speaking of things that could be worse, let's get into some tweets: 

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Verdict: So Yeah This Is Obviously An Overreaction But When Michael Tweeted This On Sunday He Wasn't Technically Wrong 

To be fair to Michael, Foles does get eaten by Pac-Man if we're talking about Sunday afternoon's performances in vacuum. To be fair to Aaron Rodgers, even with Sunday's ugly loss, his 2020 QBR (86.0) is still 30 points higher than Foles' (55.4) – and also the second-best in football. The Bears will certainly take a 55.4 QBR (what choice do they have) if the wins keep coming, but this tweet feels more like a victory lap than a real opinion. Which is fine! 

Verdict: This Feels Like A Pretty Fair Evaluation Of The Bears Through Six Games And Therefore Is Not An Overreaction, Congrats To Pat

I do think the Bears have probably earned more respect than they've generally gotten through six games. They're 2-1 since the schedule got tougher, and the Bucs win looks especially impressive after Tampa Bay boat raced the undefeated Packers on Sunday night. There's something to be said about the Bears taking care of business against the Panthers on the road, too. But this is still a team that went into Sunday's game ranked 23rd in DVOA and now goes into Monday's game a 6.5 point dog; asking a defense to hold every NFL team they play under 24 points, in 2020, is a tall task. At this point, even a .500 finish gives the Bears 10 wins at the end of the year, so the playoffs should absolutely be an expectation. And for now, at least, that's sort of where the optimism ends.


Verdict: If The Bears Won The Super Bowl They'd Absolutely Get Proper Respect But I Absolutely Adore This Energy And It Should Be Kept At All Times 

No one believes in them! Why not them?! Pain is weakness leaving the body! Eeyahhhh!!

Verdict: This Is Extremely True And Not An Overreaction And Wouldn't You Know It, NBC Sports Insider Adam Hoge Actually Wrote About That This Week! 

You can read about it right here!

Verdict: Yeah What The Hell @ Chicago Bears? Give Us Club Dub Videos Again Especially If Nick Foles Is Dancing To Meek Mill

This seems simple. 

Verdict: This Is Not An Overreaction At All And If It Was I Probably Wouldn't Say Anything Anyways  

It is legitimately absurd how many times Jackson's had big plays taken away by flags. If I were him I would also definitely tweet things about the refs that my employer may or may not then ask me to take down before I may or may not be fined by the governing body of my workplace. Honestly, at this point, Jackson deserves to get a red zone snap or two on offense. Just get him a touchdown before he blows his entire signing bonus on social media fines. 

Verdict: I Really Cannot Stress How Much This Isn't An Overreaction. If You Take Away Anything From This Column (?) It's That This Tweet Is Not An Overreaction. 

It's not an overreaction.