At this week's Super Bowl Radio Row, The Ringer's Robert Mays, one of the most high-profile Bears fans in sports media, went on the Under Center Podcast to talk all things Chicago football. 

With all eyes on the Bears' quarterback situation this offseason, Mays provided some insight into what Bears' fans should expect from the upcoming weeks and months: 

"I don't think you have to make a determination now, but I think you go into free agency wanting to get another option. I think you should try to find someone and try to go in with the motivation to find someone. How much they're willing to pay? I think that's the bar you have to set right now. I think that number will ultimately determine their thinking. It will display their thinking. If they go in and offer Phillip Rivers $20 million, you know they don't think Mitchell Trubisky is the guy. If they go offer Marcus Mariota $5 million, then it's much more of a nebulous spot." 

Mays also hits on the Andy Reid/Kyle Shanahan matchup, and how that pertains to Matt Nagy and his abilities as a playcaller. You can check the whole thing right here, or in the embedded player below: