What Russell Wilson can learn from James Harden in a trade


Want Russell Wilson to be the Bears quarterback but trading Khalil Mack breaks your heart? Maybe it's even a deal-breaker for a Bears fan?

Former Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall has a solution.

"Russell Wilson can do what James Harden did," Marshall said on First Things First. "What James Harden did, and I talked to one of his advisors a couple months ago, he went to the team and if you trade for me and Kyrie is in the deal for me, then it's a no deal.

"Russell Wilson can actually put on that general managers hat in Chicago, in Lake Forest, right now... before he even gets there. You say look, here's what we can offer and Khalil Mack is not one of them. So I think that's what he does, take a page out of James Harden's book."

Chicago loves its defense and the thought of breaking up with Mack is not popular. Fans would love this deal.

The problem is trying to clear salary off the books and Robert Quinn isn't nearly as appealing a trade asset as Mack.

But we know Wilson sees Chicago as an opportunity to move into NFL management, so pulling a player power move ala Harden could be appealing. He does have a no trade clause.

And Marshall maybe pointed out another reason Wilson would love to play in Chicago.

Marshall goes on to say that while Wilson really loves wide receiver DK Metcalf, he prefers a different kind of wide receiver.


"[The Bears] need a Tyler Lockett," Marshall said. "Yes, he loves DK Metcalf but what really makes Russell Wilson go is the that short, small, super-fast wide receiver he can take shots with.

"That's who Russell Wilson is, that's how he likes to play in the passing game."

Sound like Darnell Mooney anyone?

Marshall played with Wilson, he'd know.

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