Hey! Are you interested in Bears news that you already knew but were just waiting for the team to confirm?

Wow you're in luck! Because today at the combine Ryan Pace talked about Allen Robinson — who was, you may remember, the only good player on the Bears' offense last year — and what the team's long-term plans are for him.

"We keep those things inside, but it's obviously something we've talked about," Pace said. "He's a good player and does a lot for our team on and off the field and he's a guy we'd like to have a Bear for a long time." 

And that's it! That's all of it, in it's entirety. Pace confirmed that obviously it's something that they've talked about, though now I'm unsure if the Bears' front office knows how to use 'obviously' correctly. What IS obvious is that Robinson does a lot for the team on and off the field, and the Bears would be wise to sign him to a long-term extension for a multitude of reasons. Getting Robinson on a new deal would do wonders for the team's (lack of) cap space, and generally it's just nice to have good players around. 

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