After win, Nick Foles steals the show with fiery press conference


With the benefit of hindsight, it’s easy to see why Nick Foles was yelling at us. 

In the immediate moments after the 23-16 win, Foles brought a different level of … enthusiasm … to his standard postgame press conference. The QB, known infamously for his stoic demeanor, spent the better part of 15 minutes passionately – and I mean *passionately* – praising his teammates and the direction they have the 5-1 Bears headed in. 

“The more you play, the more you play with these guys, the more you grind out these wins and get to know each other, I’m excited” Foles said. “I am hitting a little bit of adrenaline right now … I think it’s the conversations in the locker room with my teammates.” 


A self-proclaimed fan of country and christian rap, Foles admitted that hearing Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” blasting over the Club Dub PA ‘got his juices flowing.’ You don’t need to remind Bears fans – or Eagles fans, for that matter – of the importance that song to Philadelphia’s 2017 title run, or who the quarterback of that team was. 

“It brought back a memory for me that was exciting, and I might’ve even got up and danced a little bit,” Foles added, giving a shout out to the Philly rapper. “I’ll tell you what, when Meek comes on with that song, I get rolling.” 


And while the offense Foles led on Sunday afternoon was far from a dream, there’s optimism to be found in the fact that it wasn’t a nightmare. The overall numbers aren’t pretty: as a unit, they finished with 261 yards – 198 through the air and 63 on the ground. But take a closer look and some silver linings start to appear, like Cole Kmet catching his first career touchdown (in the same stadium that Jimmy Graham did), or the Bears finally finding a way to score in the third quarter. Outside of a major second half miscue that Foles (rightfully) dubbed a ‘dumb interception,’ the team was encouraged about the growth they saw during a wire-to-wire win over a second straight opponent with a winning record. 


“It’s easy to say hey, 5-1, this is awesome in the NFL,” the QB said at full volume. “No, that’s not what I see here. And I’ve been on teams where, at the beginning of the season, you’re trying to figure out who you are offensively.

“You’re sputtering at times, and then all of a sudden you just keep believing, you keep working, you keep watching film – who do we want to be, what do we do well, how can we do this. And then all of a sudden there’s that one game that it just clicks. And it’s happened many times in my career, I’ve been a part of it, but it all starts after games like this.” 

Generally speaking, Foles’ career is defined in two very specific ways. There’s Philadelphia Eagles Nick Foles and there’s Every Other Team Nick Foles. He’s a quarterback that knows the highs and lows of an NFL career to an extreme that few in football’s history can claim. Press conference lip service is nothing new, but at 5-1, you’ll excuse Bears fans for buying, in bulk, what their Meek Mill-dancing, Super Bowl-winning QB is selling. 

“I think I’m just excited because I think we got a little bit better tonight,” he said. ‘I feel like we’re figuring out who we want to be. And that excites me. I think the conversations after the game in the locker room juiced me up and got me excited because we’re not just sitting there happy with winning. And that excites me about this with these guys.

“I can’t wait to take a nap on the plane.”