Why Byron Pringle loves new Bears offense

Byron Pringle

Someone in the Bears offense not named Darnell Mooney is going to need to catch the ball. Some of Justin Fields’ targets will go to Cole Kmet, and some of them will go to running backs streaking out of the backfield. But a No. 2 wide receiver will need to emerge at some point.

One man with a big opportunity to take that role is Byron Pringle. Ryan Poles made him the team’s top offensive free agent signing this year, and according to Spotrac, Pringle will have the biggest cap hit in the wide receivers room. Pringle understands the opportunity in front of him to make an impact. He’s no longer playing behind Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce in Kansas City. But Pringle isn’t worried about setting individual goals or putting up big time stats.

“I came here to play at a high level, execute and win,” Pringle said. “Whatever it takes, be it the blocking, kick return, gunner, wherever they need me at. I’m just trying to win.”

Pringle believes he’s in the place to do that, with the coaches to help him improve, too. He sees the value in the team rostering several wide receivers with similar skillsets, too. While others may see a situation like that leading to serious competition for targets and jobs, Pringle instead sees an opportunity for coaches to use all the WRs as chess pieces.

“I love everything about the offense. It’s new coming from the old club I was at. But I love everything about it. Being able to get a lot of 1-on-1 matches and move around a little bit and find spaces to get me the ball.”


We’ve yet to see Pringle and Fields develop the type of chemistry that Fields shares with Mooney. At this point in camp, with so many players moving around from position to position, that’s not incredibly surprising. But when Pringle does get the ball, that’s when he pops for Matt Eberflus.

“I like him with the run after catch,” Eberflus said. “He does a really good job and is an explosive athlete and I think he’s strong. He’s got a strong set of hands to catch it in traffic and he does a really good job, like I said, yards after catch. He can break some tackles, you can feel his strength, and you can see that on tape. We like where he is.”

By Fields’ own admission, the offense is not ready to play a regular season game. Again, that’s not super surprising given there’s a new regime, installing a new offense, with a lot of new players. If the unit wants to take a big step forward from last season’s disappointment, Pringle will probably have a hand in it.

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