Why Dave Wannstedt thinks Mitch Trubisky will start Week 1


Add one more name to the list of pundits who believe Mitchell Trubisky will be the Bears starting quarterback for Week 1. Former Bears coach Dave Wannstedt joined the Mully and Haugh show on Tuesday morning, and said he believes the job is Mitch’s.

“Mitch is the guy right now,” Wannstedt said. “I don’t see how Foles can do anything to unseat him going into opening week. It’s a good situation right now.”

Wannstedt has gone to Bears training camp to watch practice and speak with some players, so his words do carry a little extra weight. That’s not to say that Trubisky is dominating the QB competition. Our Bears Insider J.J. Stankevitz actually has the QB competition trending down in his latest training camp stock watch. But with no preseason games, it seems like Foles has an uphill battle to unseat the incumbent QB.

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Still, Wannstedt thinks the Foles trade was a great move for the Bears.

“The more that I watch this and the more that I talk to people, Nick Foles is the perfect guy they could’ve (added),” Wannstedt said. “I won’t get into names, but I know situations where they brought in a veteran guy and the veteran guy undermined the younger guy – he got with the coach, he tried to rally the players to support him. We could talk for hours on that. Nick Foles is a good guy, and he wants Mitch Trubisky to be as good as he can be.


“Nick Foles, in my mind, is going to be a fantastic backup. Now, Trubisky has got to get it done, but at this point, he’s not giving an inch. He’s competing.”

It will be interesting to see what the Bears get out of Trubisky early this season-- and how short his leash will be if things don’t go well. Luckily for Trubisky, the Bears’ first two matchups set him up for success.

In Week 1 the Bears take on the Lions, the team that Trubisky has arguably been most successful facing. He’s thrown for more yards (1,359) and touchdowns (11) against the Lions than any other team, and sports an impressive 70% completion rate against them too. As for the Giants, they were fifth-worst in passing yards allowed (4,225) and tied for seventh-worst in passing touchdowns allowed (30) in 2019. They did spend a second-round pick to draft safety Xavier McKinney and a fourth-round pick to draft cornerback Darnay Holmes, and hired a new defensive coordinator to try and shore up the defense. But will the rookies and a new coordinator be able to get things on track by Week 2? That seems like a tall task.

So, after a unique training camp and a couple of favorable matchups to start the season, Wannstedt may be right.