Brandon Marshall reveals why he didn't talk to Cutler for years


Jay Cutler was a polarizing figure during his time as Bears quarterback. Was he a good leader, or a nuisance in the building? Was he incredibly talented, or did he lack the motivation to be a champion? Was he a guy with a dry sense of humor, or just kind of a jerk?

Brandon Marshall was Cutler’s teammate both in Denver and in Chicago, and shed some light to suggest that at the very least Cutler wasn’t a very considerate friend.

“He once told me he was going to come to my wedding and I look out in the aisle and there was no Jay Cutty,” Marshall said on the “Up and Adams” show.

According to Marshall, Cutler completely no-showed the entire wedding weekend.

“Two nights before the wedding: ‘Yeah, I'm gonna be there. I'm coming,” Marshall said. “You know (former Broncos tight end) Tony Scheffler came. All the boys came. We're having a good time.”

Marshall said he noticed Cutler’s absence at the prenuptial party the night before the big day, and held out hope he’d make it to the ceremony the next day. But Cutler never showed up.

No showing a wedding is one of the rudest things someone can do. To start, you’re letting down a couple on what’s supposed to be the happiest day of their life up to that point. That couple is also paying to provide food and drinks for every person who RSVP’d, whether they show up or not. If a couple’s venue has a capacity limit, there’s a chance they could’ve invited someone else to take the unused spot on the guest list, too.


Worst part, Marshall never got an explanation for Cutler’s absence.

“I didn't talk to him for another three years until I got traded from the Miami Dolphins to the Chicago Bears,” Marshall said.

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