Why Kreutz would start Tyler Bray over Mitch Trubisky


Here’s a take you probably won’t hear anywhere else: On Football Aftershow, Olin Kreutz said he would probably start Tyler Bray over Mitchell Trubisky when the Bears take on the Packers in Week 12. Although to be fair, he wasn’t very enthusiastic about the choice.

“I hate to say this, but who cares?” Kreutz said. “Who cares if it’s Mitch or Bray? It should probably be Bray so you can see what you’ve got at your third string quarterback, since now for three years since Coach Nagy’s came here you haven’t brought another young quarterback to develop in your scheme.”

As an outside observer, Kreutz is frustrated that the Bears are forced to choose between Trubisky and Bray. It’s also frustrating that they have to choose between Rashaad Coward, Jason Spriggs and Alex Bars on the offensive line.

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“Where are your backup offensive linemen, where is your third string quarterback?” Kreutz said. “Where’s all these guys you’re supposed to be bringing in to develop for your scheme. Instead we gotta go to an eight-year veteran in Tyler Bray, when I think Ryan Pace, when he first got the job, said he would take a quarterback in almost every draft.

“So, all I am saying is when you watch the way this offense was built, that was the frustrating part when you are watching it from the side and saying what the hell are they doing?”

Realistically, if Trubisky is healthy he’ll play. While the Bears didn’t give him a vote of confidence by declining his fifth-year option before the season started, they still need to decide whether he’s worth keeping on the roster. It may not be fair to judge Bray without watching him play meaningful football, but it feels safe to say Trubisky will give the Bears the best chance to win if Foles can’t go, considering Bray had only thrown one pass since 2013 before tonight.


But the safest assumption of all is that the Bears’ offensive line and quarterback rooms will look very different going into next season than they did going into this season.