Why Mitchell Trubisky will be the Bears' QB GOAT

Why Mitchell Trubisky will be the Bears' QB GOAT

With Sunday Night Football’s GOAT campaign running all week to promote this Sunday’s marquee matchup between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, we got to thinking about Bears GOATs. And we realized, we may actually be watching one right now.

Believe it or not, Mitchell Trubisky is on pace to have the greatest season for a quarterback in Chicago Bears history. And if he continues to develop—and stays healthy—he could end up with the greatest career in franchise history, too.  Let’s start by looking at the single season records. 

Erik Kramer put up the most passing yards (3,838) and passing touchdowns (29) in one season in 1995. That year the Bears finished 9-7, but lost a tiebreaker to the Atlanta Falcons and missed the playoffs.

This season, Trubisky has thrown for 1,814 yards and 15 TDs through 7 games. That puts him on pace to crush Kramer’s records with 4,146 yards and 34 TDs. Still not convinced? Let’s dig into the career records.

Right now, Jay Cutler sits atop most of the Bears all-time QB records, due in large part to the fact that he’s had one of the longest careers under center in Chicago. Over eight seasons with the Bears, Cutler amassed 23,443 yards and 154 touchdowns, each of those numbers franchise records. After 19 starts, Trubisky is sitting at 4,007 yards and 22 touchdowns.

If Trubisky keeps that exact same pace, he would break Cutler’s passing yards record in about 112 games—or seven seasons—and Cutler’s touchdowns record in about 134 games—or just over eight seasons. And if Trubisky continues to develop in Matt Nagy’s offense, it’s not hard to imagine he’ll break those records even sooner.

If you want to take longevity out of the equation, you can point to a couple of performance-based metrics: QB rating and completion percentage. As it stands, Trubisky is actually the leader in career QB rating among quarterbacks who’ve thrown at least 500 passes. His 86.1 rating just edges out Cutler at 85.2.

The margin for the completion percentage record is even tighter with Cutler at 61.8 percent and Trubisky at 61.6 (again limiting the list to quarterbacks who’ve attempted more than 500 passes).

We can’t forget championships either, arguably the most important mark of a GOAT. Sadly, for the Bears franchise, that bar is set pretty low with Jim McMahon leading the way at one. If Nagy, Trubisky and the vaunted defense can put a championship season together, Trubisky immediately jumps to the short list of Bears greats. 

Finally, one last critical factor in judging a player’s GOAT-worthiness is their nickname. MJ is “His Airness” and of course he’s the original “GOAT.” LeBron is “The King,” Gretzky “The Great One,” Ruth “The Great Bambino” or “The Sultan of Swat.” You get the point.

So how about Cutler? He was known as “Cutty” and I guess if you count memes “Smokin’ Jay,” although that last one wasn’t really a testament to Cutler’s greatness. Even Rex Grossman did a little better with “Sexy Rexy.” But in this department Trubisky stands above all the rest: “Biscuit,” “Pretty Boy Assassin,” “Tru,”… honestly they’re all gold.

So, when you’re watching Brady and Rodgers go head-to-head this Sunday just remember, you could be watching a GOAT every week when the Bears take the field.

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Vegas sets Mitchell Trubisky’s pass TD total at 26.5


Vegas sets Mitchell Trubisky’s pass TD total at 26.5

If Mitchell Trubisky has the kind of break out year in his second season under Matt Nagy that Bears fans are hoping for, he should have no problem cashing an OVER 26.5 passing TDs ticket for bettors who want to back him.

Per Bet Chicago, Caesars is rolling out division props and they set Trubisky’s touchdown pass total for 2019 at 26.5 and his pass yard total at 3,744.5.

While both those marks would be career highs for Trubisky, this number will surely be seen as a slight by the hometown fans and continue to add to the polarizing nature of the quarterback formerly known as the Pretty Boy Assassin.

In Chicago, and if you’re team Mitch, this number is ridiculously low and you’re probably already pounding the over.

Outside of Chicago, and with some analytical support, there’s a lot of doubt about Trubisky’s future as a viable option as an NFL starter, so I’d guess the Pro Football Focus crowd is probably gonna take the under.

We rolled out some props of our own on the Under Center podcast last week including:

Will Mitch Trubisky pass for 10 or more touchdowns than Craig Kimbrel has saves? (Including playoffs for both)

26.5 regular season passing touchdowns probably gives Kimbrel the edge, but it’s right in range. 

And that Trubisky – Kimbrel prop prompted this bold response from our own Bears insider JJ Stankevitz:

I don’t think I’m in the 40 club with my guy JJ, but the OVER certainly feels like the move here. At least it better be if the Bears are gonna make any sort of NFC North title defense. 


Former Bear Greg Olsen randomly walks into marriage proposal, catches whole thing on video


Former Bear Greg Olsen randomly walks into marriage proposal, catches whole thing on video

Scenario: you're walking down the street and randomly walk into a marriage proposal. What do you do?

For former Bear and current Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen, the answer was to capture the magical moment on video. 

Olsen was in Nashville this week to give a keynote speech at a healthcare conference. While walking back to his hotel on Thursday, he randomly stumbled into a marriage proposal. His first response: hit record on his phone and capture the whole thing on video.

"Did she say yes? I got it on video, dude," Olsen said emphatically. "I'm going to send it to you!

"She said yes and I got it all on video, and you don't even know me, but I'm going to send it to you."

The couple, according to the Panthers, is Max Harvat and Brooke Hartranft. The two were visiting Nashville for the week, but Harvat didn't necessarily plan the proposal. It was as much of a sporadic moment for him as it was random for Olsen.

"Oh my god, you're my hero," Harvat said to Olsen after the proposal.

As it turns out, Harvat grew up a Panthers fan. However, he had no idea that Olsen was the person recording the proposal in the moment, only happy that someone caught it on video. When he stood up, he realized who the mystery man was.

“When I stood up, I looked over and I started having a mini heart attack," Harvat said to "I was like, ‘I’m 90 percent sure that’s Greg Olsen from the Panthers!’

“I'm a huge Carolina fan. I was like, ‘Oh my God, you're telling me that Greg Olsen just recorded the whole thing?’ I was so excited. It was amazing."

The moment wasn't just special for Havrat and Hartranft, though.

"It's the best thing I've ever witnessed," Olsen said in the video.

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