Will odd Super Bowl coin toss streak continue in Chiefs-Eagles?


Heads or tails?

That call from the Kansas City Chiefs and the ensuing coin flip will decide the outcome of Super Bowl LVII – at least based on recent history.

There’s an odd streak that’s alive heading into the Chiefs versus Philadelphia Eagles showdown at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. The team that has won the coin toss in the last eight Super Bowls has gone on to lose the game.

The curse of the coin toss began in Super Bowl XLIX when the New England Patriots incorrectly called tails before defeating the Seattle Seahawks. In the Super Bowl prior, the Seahawks won the toss by correctly calling tails and then blowing out the Denver Broncos.

But since the Seahawks’ Super Bowl XLIX defeat, the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, Patriots, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals have also lost the Big Game after winning the toss.


Before the Chiefs make the call at midfield of State Farm Stadium, here’s a look back at the history of the Super Bowl coin toss.

What are the last 10 Super Bowl coin toss results?

The coin has landed tails in six of the last 10 Super Bowls. Although, heads has been the winner in the past two Super Bowls and four of the last five.

Super Bowl coin toss results history

In what’s a 50-50 proposition, the Super Bowl coin toss results are close to even. Tails has come up 29 times compared to 27 for heads, according to Bet MGM. The longest streak for either result was heads from Super Bowl XLII to XLVII.

But the coin toss winner has gone on to be crowned champions in just 25 of 56 Super Bowls.

What are the Super Bowl LVII coin toss odds?

Yes, the outcome of the Super Bowl coin toss is something that can be gambled on. Both heads and tails are -105, according to our partner, PointsBet. The Eagles and Chiefs are also -105 to win the toss.

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