The concern right now isn't if Zach Miller will ever get back on the football field.

It's if he'll ever walk again and get to keep his leg.

The Bears tight end suffered a gruesome leg injury in Sunday's loss to the Saints in New Orleans, dislocating his knee on that touchdown-catch-that-wasn't in the second half.

Miller's left knee bent at an unnatural angle and he was immediately taken to a New Orleans hospital to deal with the injury.

ESPN's Chris Mortenson is reporting Miller actually had to undergo emergency surgery in an attempt to save his leg and repair a damaged artery.

Vascular surgeons were called in to perform the procedure and they were forced to graft tissue from Miller's right leg to help repair the damaged artery.

The Bears released an update Monday afternoon, declaring Miller's surgery successful on a torn popliteal artery:

Some perspective on how the injury will affect Miller's chances on trying to ever get back on the field:


By comparison, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater suffered a similar injury last year, though he did not have any nerve damage. Bridgewater still has not yet hit the field after missing a year-and-a-half.

With Miller's nerve damage making his injury more serious than Bridgewater's plus a checkered injury history for the Bears tight end, the 33-year-old Miller's career is very much in doubt at this moment.