Big Ten

Big Ten

Lovie Smith is fully willing to admit that his team is not playing well. That much is clear after an overtime loss to Purdue this past weekend that dropped the Illini to 1-4 on the season.

But Smith is no fan of the assumption that he might be going a little too easy on his players.

A reporter asked Smith that very question during the Illinois head coach's weekly press conference, and he responded in an emotional fashion.

"Do you have any sense that you've taken it too easy or been too relaxed with your team?" the reporter asked.

"Are you freaking kidding me?" Smith responded. "Have I been too lax with our football team? So I'm freaking going out there every day just letting them do what they want to do? Absolutely not. I'm not going to give that question an answer.

"Lax with a football team? Are you freaking lax with your job? I'm not either."

Catch the entire response in the video above.