Blackhawks history and stories from The Palace Grill


The Palace Grill has been dubbed the official restaurant of the Chicago Blackhawks because of the many stories and memories that live there. NBCS Blackhawks writer Scott King got a chance to chat with the owner of The Palace Grill, George Lemperis. They discuss why the restaurant is so important to current and former Blackhawks and go over some of the many traditions and stories that make the restaurant the go-to spot for the Blackhawks and Hawks fans.

(1:36) - Running a restaurant during a pandemic

(3:10) - The Palace Grill's history with the Hawks

(8:10) - ‘Doc’ Emrick's connection with the restaurant

(11:20) - Tradition of tying people to their chairs while they eat

(13:20) - Chris Chelios making breakfast in the restaurant

(17:00) - The Palace Grill's impact on Blackhawks nation

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