Blackhawks release emotional trade deadline video


On Saturday, the Blackhawks released a ~14-minute episode of "Every Shift" called "Coming to Terms" surrounding the conversations general manager Kyle Davidson and the front office executed leading up to the NHL trade deadline. 

The video takes viewers into hotel rooms and meetings where Davidson and the Hawks were on the phones with other teams. The video shows highlights of conversations surrounding the finalizations of the trades to send away Jack Johnson, Sam Lafferty and Jake McCabe.

Most importantly, the video caught crucial moments from the Patrick Kane trade to the New York Rangers. 

A video crew was present to capture Kane leaving his hotel in San Jose and flying back to Chicago when he and the Hawks knew a trade to the Rangers was imminent. The crew snagged him for a raw, emotional interview before he hopped in a car to the airport, too. 

"Excited about what could possibly be happening," Kane said in the video. "And I think, obviously, it was an emotional decision. Took a little bit of time, but hopefully, everything goes smoothly and get ready for another life experience."

When asked if he ever thought something like this would happen in his career, Kane answered candidly. 

"Probably not," Kane said. "You always think you're gonna be a Blackhawk. Think you could be a Blackhawk for life, but I think I'm smarter than that to know that every player doesn't finish their career with one team. So, you know, excited for the next chapter."


In between Kane's moments, the video captured Andreas Englund joining the team from the Colorado Avalanche, Lafferty leaving a hotel amidst his trade to the Maple Leaves and constant finalization notes from Meghan Hunter, the Hawks' assistant general manager, and Brian Campbell, an advisor in the Hawks' front office. 

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To end the video, the Blackhawks showed Davidson calling Kane on the phone to let him know the deal was done. The poignant moment featured kind words between the two and an expression of gratitude from each side for the work they accomplished to make the deal happen. 

Kane was officially traded to the Rangers for a conditional 2023 second-round pick and a 2023 fourth-round pick on the Tuesday before Friday's trade deadline. 

"Whatever jersey you're wearing you're always a part of the Blackhawks family," Davidson said. 

"Obviously very grateful for everything you guys have done throughout this whole process," Kane said in response. "How you went about it was very classy so definitely appreciate that."

After Davidson finished up the call with Kane, he was asked how "weird" the moment felt to trade away a franchise icon. 

"It's very jarring," Davidson said. "The finality of it all. I've watched Patrick Kane for a long time. He's given me a lot of memories. He's part of the reason I've got two Stanley Cup rings. . . I was along for the ride he provided and the memories that will last a lifetime."

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