Ex-Blackhawks react to Hossa's election to Hall of Fame

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In light of Marian Hossa's big news in being among the Hockey Hall of Fame's 2020 inductees, NBC Sports Chicago got a hold of some of his former Blackhawks teammates right after the announcement to get their instant reaction:

John Scott (Hawks teammate 2010-2012):

"Just excited. I don't think he ever got the recognition he deserved, right? I always say this, I was lucky enough to play with him. He was the most underrated player of our generation where he just did everything right, he put up points, he was a great defensive forward.

"He just kind of went about his business and didn't cause any kind of trouble and he never got any recognition. So I was super happy he finally got his due. He's a first-ballot Hall of Famer and the only reason he wouldn't get in is just because people don't really notice him. He just does his job and goes home.

"What I loved most about him was if you got him away from the rink and went to dinner with him and stuff he just had a great personality, such a funny guy, you would never expect that. When he got to the rink he was all business."

Bryan Bickell (Hawks teammates with Hossa 2009-2016):

"That's awesome."

We actually broke the news of Hossa's election into the Hall to Bickell, who was at his cottage.

"A world-class player that is a two-way player that can score and put in big minutes, 5-on-3, shorthanded... He's an all-around player that can skate, a world-class skater... His skating abilities when he first came in the league until his last game that he played, it was pretty similar. It's awesome to hear a guy like that get nominated. Advertisement


"For me, I'm close to him, I know I have a couple other teammates that eventually will get there, but for the most recent, for Hossa to do it, it's a pretty awesome moment for him for sure."

Dave Bolland (Hawks teammates with Hossa 2009-2013):

"It's great news. Great to hear Hossa made it. I think it was a no-brainer."

Bolland didn't think Hossa's lack of individual awards would keep him out of the Hall like some did.

"I didn't think that would be an issue. I think the (committee) looks at how many points he's put up, he's in the league for how long and he's got three Stanley Cups, he's been in the Stanley Cup Finals five times. He's just an all-around great person, unbelievable person and great leadership with Chicago."

Jamal Mayers (Hawks teammates with Hossa 2011-2013):

“Hoss was a rare combination of unreal strength, ridiculous skill and a complete gamer! All of those traits pale in comparison to who he is as a teammate and friend. His humility made him relatable and he led by example every shift!”

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