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Chicago fans won't like to hear this because it will bring back "what if" memories on potentially winning three Stanley Cups in a row from 2013-15, but the Blackhawks-Kings playoff series in 2014 will go down as one of the most entertaining in the salary cap era between two powerhouses at the time.

Although he wasn't part of the organization yet, Colliton remembers watching that series and he has the same feelings now about it as he did then.

"I can say that the seven-game series in between Cup runs, that’s the best hockey I’ve ever seen," Colliton said. "I was working with my Swedish team but I was home, so I typically was able to watch most of the playoffs. I just remember texting some of my people back in Sweden and saying, 'Hey, wake up. You need to wake up. These games are unbelievable.' It’s been a special rivalry."

Patrick Kane concurred.

"I agree with that completely," he said ahead of Friday's Blackhawks-Kings matchup at the United Center. "The way the games played out, the comeback in the series, [Michal] Handzus and a complete overtimes there, us coming back in Game 6, then being up in Game 7 and them scoring in overtime. It's probably as close of a series as you can get. Both teams were pretty evenly matched. Not only that, it was just fun hockey to play, it was probably fun hockey to watch for the fans and probably the best hockey I've played as far as being part of a playoff series."


Conference Final matchup for the second year in a row. High scoring. Intense drama. A double overtime game and an overtime Game 7 for a chance to advance to the Stanley Cup? It doesn't get much better than that. 

The Kings, obviously, got the fortunate bounce in overtime and went on to beat the New York Rangers in five games for their second Stanley Cup in three years. Chicago will always wonder whether it would have been three consecutive championships, but one thing is for certain: it was a treat to watch for hockey fans.