Hockey stars, look out, the fashion police is here and his name is Kris Versteeg.

The former Blackhawks forward took to Instagram to share his takes on the best and the worst fits as players get ready to return for the Stanley Cup playoffs. Spoiler alert, Versteeg is a tough critic.

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Let’s start with the Blackhawks captain. Versteeg rags on Jonathan Toews for living in the past, but if he and the Hawks can channel those 2010 vibes they might be in for a helluva postseason run. Keep that same energy, Toews!

So what if Strome looks a bit like a junior sales associate at an app startup? It’s a clean look and there are no rules when hockey is being played in late July. Do you, Strome!


Does this group shot look like a bachelor party on its way to catch a tee time? Yes. Is that a problem? No. Tough, tough rating from Versteeg.

Moving on to other teams in the division, we’ve got Blake Wheeler. One thing Versteeg completely neglects is Wheeler’s unbelievable flow. That hair has gotta be worth a ratings boost. Get this man in a shampoo commercial ASAP!

Ok, here Versteeg is actually on point. These couple of Canucks could definitely use a splash of color and a healthy dose of drip. Unfortunately, the black on navy causes the guys to fade away completely, especially in front of the black backdrop. They might as well pack things up to go home now.

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