Podcast: Aucoin on playing with a rebuilding Hawks team


The Blackhawks are on the move to rebuild the team and create more opportunities at the Stanley Cup. The last rebuild went fairly well with the Hawks starting a run to winning 3 championships and Adrian Aucoin was there to see it all begin. Scott King interviews Aucoin on the rebuild that netted the Hawks Kane and Toews and compares it to the current rebuild. They also talk about the contributions of Duncan Keith and the ways Keith changed the game of hockey. Later on in the podcast, Pat Boyle and Charlie Roumeliotis join Scott to discuss the Aucoin interview and what they took away from Aucoin's account of the early rebuild and comparisons with the current rebuild. 

(3:28) - What was it like in the beginning of 2005-2006 season when the rebuild began?

(7:20) - The growth and game-changing play of Duncan Keith

(10:40) - Early signs that the Hawks were getting good players

(13:30) - Is the rebuild he (Aucoin) went through similar to the current rebuild?

(19:06) - Pat, Charlie, and Scott review the Aucoin interview and compare rebuilds

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