On Wednesday, it was reported Edmonton and Toronto would serve as the two hub cities for the NHL's 24-team playoff format under the league's Return To Play plan.

Thursday, TSN's Bob McKenzie reported Edmonton was the favorite to host the Stanley Cup Final, as well as the Conference finals, of the two cities.

"With Edmonton and Toronto being chosen as the two NHL Hub cities, the question most often asked now is, which of the two will play host to the Stanley Cup final and Conference finals? The answer, apparently, is Edmonton," McKenzie tweeted.

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He also guessed as to why Edmonton seems to be the choice to close out the playoffs on Twitter:

"I’m guessing the rationale for that decision is simply based on public health/safety/numbers. Whatever the reason(s), Edmonton it will be."

The Blackhawks are slated to take on the Oilers in a best-of-5 play-in series, expected to be played in Edmonton, on the Oilers' home ice.

Chicago was reportedly a top-4 finalist to be a hub before cuts were made.

Team training camps to lead up to the postseason are scheduled for July 10.