Presented By Blackhawks Insiders

By now, you've already seen and heard the story of Scott Foster and his historic NHL debut with the Blackhawks in a 6-2 win on Thursday night against the Winnipeg Jets, where he stopped all seven shots in an emergency situation.

It's a script that Hollywood would toss out if you presented it to them before any of this made it believable.

What makes the story even more special is the reaction it got from not only fans across the hockey community, but his fellow beer leaguers — both teammates and opponents, who were getting ready to hit the ice before realizing what was happening at the United Center.

And they couldn't believe it.

Our very own Michelle McMahon shared some text messages she received from players who were there and trying to process it all:

Here's proof:

We wonder how many of them were thinking it's not too late to keep their NHL dream alive?

If you're interested in following "Fozzy's" hockey career, he'll be playing in the semifinals for 200 x 85 against the Chicago Chargers at Johnny's IceHouse East next Friday, April, 6 at 9:30 p.m.

We have a feeling he'll be well-prepared for that.