Wednesday, June 16, 2010
3:03 PM

By Luke Stuckmeyer

If the 2010 Stanley Cup champs have taught us a's that ANYTHING is possible. Five years ago this franchise was dormant. The wins were few and far between. Now they are the toast of the town with a ticker tape parade that left everyone in awe.

You can't help but wonder, what will happen if.....WHEN....the Cubs finally break the curse?

I'm not saying they are close....I'm just saying when the day comes...and it WILL eventually will we all survive? The White Sox had an impressive 1.5 million. The Blackhawks partied with 2 million! What would a Cubs championship draw? How many soldiers would the National Guard have to deploy? Would the city burn down for the 2nd time?

Grant Park wouldn't cut it. Can you rent Yosemite? Would the cars back up all the way to Des Moines?

Hockey's longest championship drought is over. What will happen when baseball's does too?

The Blackhawks have given every team in professional sports hope. You CAN turn it around. Are the Cubs paying attention?

Luke Stuckmeyer covers the Cubs for Comcast SportsNet. Follow him on Twitter @CSNStucky.