10 craziest Michael Jordan stats we could find


Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. 

And if there is anything Michael Jordan did better than anyone, it's put up big numbers and re-write record books.

So I dug up ten of my favorite Michael Jordan stats. Check them out.

10. NBA DPOY and 30 PPG

Michael Jordan is the only player to win NBA Defensive Player of the Year AND average 30 PPG in a season (35.0 PPG in 1987-88). 

Hakeem Olajuwon is the only player even somewhat close (26.1 PPG in 1992-93, 27.3 PPG in 1993-94).

9. This incredible season stat line

There have been three seasons in NBA history** in which a player posted:

  • 100 blocks
  • 200 steals
  • 300 assists
  • 300 rebounds

One guy to do it was Scottie Pippen (1989-90). Michael Jordan did it twice (1986-87 and 1987-88). And when he did, he led the NBA in points both times.

**since NBA started tracking blocks and steals in 1973-74

8. Jordan's best uniform number

Jordan wore three numbers with the Bulls. 23 (obviously), then 45 for a short time after he returned to the Bulls in 1995. Then there’s that one game in Orlando on Feb. 14, 1990 when he borrowed a No. 12 jersey because his No. 23 was stolen. It ended up being his best number! Here’s MJ’s career PPG with the Bulls by jersey number (regular season).

#12  -  49.0 PPG (1 game - 2/14/1990)
#23  -  31.5 PPG (912 games)
#45  -  26.9 PPG (17 games)

7. Michael Jordan vs. James Harden

In 2018-19, James Harden led the NBA with 2,818 points.

In 1986-87, Michael Jordan scored 3,005 points… even if you subtract all of his points from three pointers (okay, he made only 12 of them for 36 points).


6. MJ's stranglehold on Bulls records

Michael Jordan played his final game for the Bulls over 20 years ago. He only appeared in 21.3% of all regular season games in Bulls history (930 of 4,362). However… if you look at:

50+ point games: MJ has 30 of the 34 in Bulls history (88.2%)
40+ point games: MJ has 165 of the 230 in Bulls history (71.7%)
30+ point games: MJ has 537 of the 1,291 in Bulls history (41.6%)

5. Scoring 50 AGAINST the Bulls?

And while Jordan had 30 50-plus-point games in his career with the Bulls, there was only one 50-plus-point game against the Bulls in a game in which Jordan played. That was when Dominique Wilkins had 57 on Dec. 10, 1986.

4. MJ's consistent scoring

If you were to add his 179 playoff games to his 1,109 career games with Bulls, Jordan had:

ONE game with fewer than 10 points (he played limited minutes after a foot injury)

FIVE games with 60 or more points

3. MJ v. LeBron James in HRs

And let’s end the MJ vs LeBron debate right here. Career minor league home runs:

Michael Jordan:    3
LeBron James:     0

2. 30/30 Club

My personal favorite MJ nugget: he was a 30/30 man!

30 steals with Birmingham Barons in 1994 (or stolen bases, if you like)

30 steals with Chicago Bulls in 1994-95 after he returned to the hardwood.

1. Load management?

And finally, load management? That’s a bunch of Bull.

Michael Jordan reached six NBA Finals

Jordan has six rings

Jordan missed six regular season games in those six championship seasons combined.