How Tim Anderson showed special respect to Zach LaVine


Zach LaVine received a special gift from another Chicago sports star, and posted it to his Instagram on Sunday. His buddy Tim Anderson gave him a custom, signed bat.

“Wish you nothing but best!” Anderson wrote on the bat. “Your work ethic crazy bro… you unstoppable!”

Each superstar has recently expressed his admiration for the other on the Bulls Talk and White Sox talk podcasts this year.

“He’s bringing swag back to baseball,” LaVine said last month. “Especially with the old-school rules and how everything is with the bat-flipping, pimping the home runs or having your own type of energy. But he’s a batting champ, man.”

"I think he (LaVine) deserves more credit than he's getting," Anderson said last month. "He's definitely All-Star caliber, superstar caliber. But it's just something about Chicago athletes, they sleep on 'em... He's definitely one of the top guards in the league right now for sure."

The NBA finally recognized LaVine’s game by naming him to his first All-Star game this season. That’s an accolade Anderson has yet to add to his resume, despite the fact that he’s already won one batting title in 2019, and a silver slugger award in 2020.

But if Anderson and LaVine keep amplifying each others’ achievements, it will be hard for the world to sleep on either star for much longer.


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