Bulls Outsiders Podcast: The impact of Dennis Rodman, reaction to The Last Dance Ep. 3 & 4


The Bulls outsiders of Matt Peck, Big Dave Watson, and John Sabine discuss episodes 3 and 4 of The Last Dance documentary and discuss the importance of Dennis Rodman to the Bulls dynasty, the heated rivalry between the Bulls and the Detroit Pistons, and Michael Jordan's famous "Shot" vs the Cleveland Cavaliers.

(1:20) - Favorite moments from episodes 3 & 4

(9:30) - The coaching change from Doug Collins to Phil Jackson

(16:40) - The rivalry between the Bad Boy Pistons and the Bulls

(26:00) - Bad Boy Pistons and Bulls players still have beef

(35:50) - Scottie Pippen has been underappreciated

(44:00) - How Phil Jackson got the best out of Dennis Rodman

Listen here or in the embedded player below.