Patrick Beverley tells hilarious, full circle Vucevic story


Patrick Beverley, despite his smaller NBA frame, is an avid rebounder. 

He's averaging 6.8 rebounds in 12 games with the Bulls, showing his affinity for placing himself in the paint. 

Nikola Vucevic is also a mainstay in the paint. A typical name atop the NBA leaderboard, this season Vucevic is averaging 11.3 rebounds per game, putting him in fifth place in the league. 

During a game against the Miami Heat, Beverley explained how Vucevic accidentally elbowed him during the game and how the two joked about it after the fact. 

"Ball goes up. Vooch goes up for a rebound. I go up for a rebound. (He) elbows me," Beverley recalled on his podcast. "My whole left eye (is) like I've just woken up. Like, all blurry. Bro, I see nothing. I'm running down the court like the first three plays I'm holding in my s--t. I exit the game."

"I get to the locker room, 'Yeah, Vooch, you got me good.' 'Yeah, down there battling with the big guy.' I think he got me back from Detroit," Beverley said jokingly. 

Beverley and Vucevic endured a spat while playing against the Detroit Pistons. Vucevic missed a defensive shift on help side coverage, and Beverley was spotted on camera arguing with him about the play. DeMar DeRozan played mediator in the situation. 

Both sides said the spat was nothing underline. Those things happen all the time in the NBA, especially when high-level competitors play together. The situation fizzled out soon after. 


It's funny to joke about it now, as Beverley did on his podcast. 

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