Podcast: Bulls introduce Billy Donovan as new head coach


The Bulls have found their head coach, and he was introduced to the media on Thursday morning via Zoom. Jason Goff, Rob Schaefer, and K.C. Johnson discuss Billy Donovan and Artūras Karnišovas' joint press conference, then react to a 1-on-1 interview Johnson did with Donovan wherein Donovan goes in-depth on why he chose the Bulls.

(0:56) - Early impressions of Billy Donovan after introductory press conference

(7:26) - K.C. Johnson 1-on-1 interview with Billy Donovan

(14:46) - Donovan expounds on his philosophy for player development

(21:40) - Is he surprised he selected the Bulls over other teams that were looking for head coaches?

(25:40) - Bulls Talk crew reacts to K.C. Johnson's interview with Billy Donovan

(34:50) - What does the chain of command look like now under the new regime?

Listen here or via the embedded player below:


Bulls Talk Podcast


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