Podcast: Nick Friedell talks Warriors dynasty, Rose years

USA Today

ESPN's Nick Friedell, long time Bulls reporter turned Warriors reporter, joins Jason Goff and K.C. Johnson to compare and contrast the two greatest dynasties in the modern era of basketball and share stories of their favorite Bulls teams. The crew also dives into the national perception of Bulls star Zach LaVine and the individual growth and story of Derrick Rose.

(3:55) - Friedell's transition from covering the Bulls to the Warriors

(10:14) - The differences between covering the Bulls and covering the Warriors

(25:15) - Draymond Green's viral comments on how NBA players are perceived

(32:00) -The Derrick Rose years, his growth and the story behind who he is

(42:10) - National breakdown of Zach LaVine: Is he the star nationally like he is locally?

Listen here or via the embedded player below:


Bulls Talk Podcast


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