On this edition of the Bulls Talk podcast, Mark Schanowski, Kendall Gill, and Will Perdue react to Klay Thompson’s record setting night vs the Bulls.

01:00    On Steph Curry cheering his teammate on for breaking his own record

03:00    On Steve Kerr leaving Thompson in to break the record in a blowout

05:00    On Warriors domination and explosive offense

07:00    Kendall on the Bulls players reaction to the loss

08:00    On Fred Hoiberg’s mounting frustration this season

10:20    Will on the change in effort from the Bulls from Atlanta win to GS loss

11:10    Kendall on Bulls avoiding the ‘Mike Tyson effect’

12:30    Will on who is the real leader on this Bulls team

13:45    On Joakim Noah in attendance, and is chances of returning to the NBA

17:40    Reaction to Cavs coaching change and winless start

22:00    Kendall’s story on almost signing with the championship Spurs

Listen to the full episode here or via the embedded player below:

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