Podcast: Three-game win streak opens Bulls' play-in window

USA Today

The Bulls Talk crew and all its nonsense is together again, with Jason Goff, Rob Schaefer, Tony Gill, and K.C. Johnson back to discuss a wide range of topics. In the first half of the podcast, Jason, Rob and Tony discuss the weird reaction NBA media has had to the notion Nikola Jokić could win the MVP, what doing a Bulls podcast and the pre and post-game show has been like this season, and who was the better player: Shaq or Tim Duncan?

On the Bulls, Rob and K.C. break down the team's current winning streak and what fans should look at as the race to the play-in continues.

(1:55) - Why can't Jokić be the MVP and can ALL-NBA voting be fixed?

(14:50) - What is it like doing a Bulls podcast and pre/post-game shows this year?

(24:40) - Shaq or Tim Duncan, who you got?

(30:00) - Literal start of Bulls Talk (lol)

(36:38) - Bulls defense has improved dramatically

Listen here or via the embedded player below:


Bulls Talk Podcast


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