Barkley on last convo with MJ: 'He went ballistic'


Over the past few months, Charles Barkley has shared some details on his ongoing feud with Bulls superstar Michael Jordan. The two used to be good friends, but haven’t spoken in nearly a decade. Last year, Barkley said the beef started when Barkley criticized how Jordan was running the Charlotte Bobcats.

On an episode of “All The Smoke” hosted by former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Barkley shared some details of their acrimonious final conversation.

“He went ballistic,” Barkley said on the show. “He called me and the last thing I heard was ‘M— f—, f— you. You’re supposed to be my boy.’ I said ‘Man, I gotta do my job.’ We haven’t spoken since that night.”

Barkley went on to explain that he thought he had a duty to criticize Jordan when he thought Jordan was making mistakesー just like he would with any other GM, coach or playerー despite their friendship.

Barkley said last year that he and Jordan have been in the same room together several times since their falling out, but they still haven’t spoken. As for if he believes the two can repair their friendship:

“That would be on his end.”

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