Charles Barkley disses Bulls on national television


With the Bulls hardly ever playing on national television, Charles Barkley rarely gets to voice his opinion on the state of the franchise. 

When he does, though, he truly does not hold back. Last night was a strong example of that. 

As TNT showed some first half highlights of Bulls-Wizards, Barkley chimed in by calling the Bulls "the worst team in the NBA and it's not even close." 

What does that make the Wizards then? 

Chuck continued to bash the Bulls on "Inside the NBA" later Tuesday night, challenging Kenny Smith and Shaquille O'Neal to name five players on the team. He also repeatedly called Wendell Carter, "Wendell Hudson." 

All the hating culminated during this year's epic edition of the "Who He Play For" game show, where Chuck has to guess which teams specific players are on. 

Garrett Temple was one of those players. And Barkley got it wrong for the fourth year, meaning Temple is a "Who He Play For" Hall of Famer. What an honor.