DeMar DeRozan commends Mac McClung's dunk contest


Over the NBA All-Star weekend, Mac McClung stole the show during the dunk contest, winning the bout with three perfectly-scored dunks and one 49.8-scored dunk (0.2 points away from perfect).

Bulls forward DeMar DeRozan, who was present at the contest because of his inclusion in the All-Star game, was fascinated by his former teammate's dunking ability.

"It was amazing," DeRozan said. "He went out there and put on a show. It was incredible to watch. He had some amazing dunks. I ain't gonna lie."

McClung's come a long way since he donned a Bulls uniform during the 2021-22 season – his and DeRozan's premiere season with the Bulls. DeRozan said he remembered him earning a 10-day contract with his squad. 

McClung shined on the brightest stage he's seen since joining the league. As a mainstay G-League player, he's seen one NBA contest during this season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Five days after the dunk contest, however, McClung earned $100,000 from the contest, made his way back up the NBA ranks with the Philadelphia 76ers and earned a sponsorship deal with Puma.

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The dunk contest has taken a dip since the day Michael Jordan defeated his counterpart, Clyde "The Glide" Drexler, in the 1988 dunk contest. Or, the time when Blake Griffin jumped over a Kia mid-size in 2011. Even since the notorious Aaron Gordon vs. Zach LaVine battles, few stars have desired to partake in the dunk contest. 


Ja Morant and Anthony Edwards are each on record saying they would never participate in a dunk contest. Zion Williamson said he would think about doing it in 2024. (How often do you live up to a promise scheduled one year away?)

Maybe, McClung's performance will inspire others to envision competing in the contest. 

DeRozan mentioned he watched McClung up and close with his kids in Salt Lake City, where All-Star weekend was held. If nothing else, DeRozan admired the spectacle McClung put on, and claims he helped revive the contest. 

"He saved the dunk contest, I can tell you that," DeRozan said. 

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