Derrick Rose teases collab with Kanye West


It appears the long-awaited Derrick Rose-Kanye West collaboration is nearing its culmination.

Friday afternoon, Rose posted a message to his Instagram account paired with three images: A months-old picture of him and West go-karting together, an image of West basking in sneakers he's designed and released in the past, and, lastly, a logo for "YZY ROSE:"

In the caption, Rose detailed his admiration for West at length dating back to the legendary rapper and producer's origins growing up in Chicago.

Though Rose doesn't explicitly say what the collaboration will entail, the somewhat cryptic post recalls the news cycle sparked when West tweeted an image of an unreleased sneaker -- with the caption "YZY D Rose coming soon" -- in August 2020:

Rose's wife has sported the kicks since:

So take that for what you will.

What precisely comes of the full project remains to be seen. But based on the date teased at the bottom of the logo -- April 1, 2021 -- it should be coming soon.

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