ESPN analysts compare Lonzo's situation to Brandon Roy


Like plenty of Chicago Bulls fans, ESPN analysts are confused at management's decision to stand pat at the deadline. They also see Lonzo Ball's knee injury as a major concern to the team's future. 

"I don't know what the Chicago Bulls are doing. I really don't." Jay Williams said on ESPN's Keyshawn, JWill and Max. "Lonzo Ball isn't expected to come back and play anytime soon."

"How long is Zo been out?" Keyshawn Johnson asked. "It seems like he's been out since he signed with the Bulls."

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To answer Johnson's question, Ball hasn't seen an NBA floor since January of 2022. It's been well over a year since Ball played in an NBA game; two knee surgeries and ongoing discomfort in his knee have hampered his ability to return. 

Certainly, Ball's injury came as an unprecedented roadblock in the organization's plan to see this roster play together. They've constantly preached "continuity" throughout the prior offseason and this season, evident by their refusal to make any moves before the NBA trade deadline. 

Ball's absence seriously hurts the Bulls, too. He brings many intangible factors to the team that cannot be matched by any other player on the Bulls' roster. 

"Man, I think he's such a good, underrated player when he's healthy. A winning player when he's healthy," Max Kellerman said. 


In 2021, before he got injured, Ball played in 35 games with the Bulls. He averaged 13 points. 5.4 rebounds and 5.1 assists per game on 42.3 percent shooting from the field and, ironically, 42.3 percent shooting from behind the arc on 7.4 3-point attempts per game. 

His ability to create havoc on defense and add a layer to the Bulls' offense via transition is unmatched. But, now, seeing as Ball's minimal progression has left him without a timeline and seemingly a chance to return this season, the analysts fear the worst about his situation. 

"I think (he's) Brandon Roy a little bit now with the knees, it's really concerning," Williams said. 

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