ESPN dropped a Christmas Eve present for Bulls fans.

The network’s thorough documentary on the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls season called “The Last Dance” had previously been announced, but there is new footage and info in a new trailer released.

We knew the 10-part series was coming out in the summer of 2020, but now we know it will come out in June, perhaps to line up with the NBA Finals in some way.

ESPN promoted the new trailer on several platforms, but has an extended 3-and-a-half minute version on YouTube. It sets the scene of that Bulls season, which won’t be anything new to Bulls fans. However, they show off a large number of high-profile interview subjects they got on record to retell various aspects of that season’s story.

Here’s some of who they showed:

Members of the 97-98 Bulls

Michael Jordan

Scottie Pippen

Dennis Rodman

Steve Kerr

Bill Wennington

Phil Jackson

Other former Bulls players

John Salley

B.J. Armstrong

Players from that era

Charles Barkley

Gary Payton

Dikembe Mutombo

Patrick Ewing

Kobe Bryant

Dominique Wilkins

Isiah Thomas

Magic Johnson

Other notables

Pat Riley

Carmen Electra (who briefly married Rodman in 1998)

Bob Costas (who called the NBA Finals that year)

Ahmad Rashad

Willow Bay (Rashad and Bay co-hosted NBA Inside Stuff during the Bulls’ title years)

Roy Williams (who was an assistant at North Carolina when MJ played there)

Deloris Jordan (MJ’s mother)

Current NBA commissioner Adam Silver

Barack Obama

Justin Timberlake (?!)

There's more than that so it appears ESPN went with the leave-no-stone-unturned mindset for this.

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