How Lauri Markkanen fared in 3-Point Contest


Former Bulls forward and current Jazz All-Star Lauri Markkanen put up a good fight from long range, but eventually found himself on the outside looking in at the finals of the NBA 3-Point Contest in Salt Lake City, Utah on Saturday night.

Markkanen started out strong, sinking eight of his 10 shots on the first two racks. He cooled down as he made his way around the arc, but still only needed three points to bump Boston's Jayson Tatum heading into the final rack. Unfortunately for Markkanen, he was unable to seal the deal, making only one of his final five shots and ended up tied with Tatum at 20 points.

Immediately after Markkanen was the heavy favorite, Damian Lilliard, who tallied 25 points to eliminate both Tatum and Markkanen from advancing for good.

Lilliard bested his score by one in the finals to beat Tyrese Haliburton and 2019-20 champion Buddy Hield. 

Markkanen shot 36.6% from 3 in his four seasons with the Bulls. Midway through his first season with the Jazz, he's increased that number to 41.2% and has established himself as a cornerstone of their rebuild in Utah. That success from deep has translated on the stat sheet as his 24.9 points per game are more than six points higher than any previous season.

This is the first All-Star nod for the 25-year-old. He ultimately was named a starter in place of injured Zion Williamson and will await his selection by either Giannis Antetokounmpo or LeBron James before Sunday's game.