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LeBron James welcomes Zach LaVine to Klutch Sports Group

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Zach LaVine isn't just rubbing elbow's with the NBA's best at All-Star games and on Olympic teams anymore.

The Chicago Bulls' All-Star guard now shares an agency with The King himself, as in King James.

Hours after LaVine made official that he had signed with Klutch Sports Group, the agency founded by James' longtime friend Rich Paul, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar welcomed his fellow All-Star into the fold.

LaVine is due to be an unrestricted free agent in 2022. Klutch Sports Group also represents Lakers All-Star Anthony Davis and long has been linked to clients who sometimes become James' teammates.

But before anyone gets too worried, the agency also represents new Bulls guard Lonzo Ball. And LaVine has stated his commitment to the Bulls publicly multiple times, adding earlier this offseason that it didn't matter to him whether or not his extension came this offseason or next.

"Obviously, I want to be with the Bulls and you don't want to implicate, you know, free agency, and I understand, like the cap room that goes into it with a sizable extension with me. So, I want the team to be good, but then I also want to be taken care of as well. I feel like I've done really well by the Bulls, and obviously I want to be here long-term, and I feel like I deserve what I get. So, it is what it is," LaVine said in an extended sitdown with NBC Sports Chicago in Las Vegas as he prepared for the Olympics. "We'll figure (it) out when that comes. If it's this year, next year, we'll just see what happens."


What happened was the Bulls operated as over-the-cap team and not only added Ball via a sign-and-trade transaction but then did the same with DeMar DeRozan. They also signed Alex Caruso and Tony Bradley in an offseason that has been widely praised. LaVine has talked excitedly about his new teammates and praised the win-now mentality the Bulls' new management team is utilizing.

He'll just have a new agency representing him at the negotiating table with the Bulls.

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