Despite six championships and status as one of the greatest athletes in American history, one of the biggest splashes Michael Jordan made during his career was when he tried to transition from basketball to baseball.

Things didn't go too well for His Airness on the diamond, and — after some help from Bill Murray and Bugs Bunny — he eventually returned to hoops and added three rings to his collection with the Bulls. But that experience in the minors with the White Sox apparently hasn't soured MJ on the sport. According to a story from the Miami Herald, Jordan is one of 18 new owners of the Miami Marlins.

The piece from Barry Jackson looks at the financial commitments and situation of new Marlins CEO Derek Jeter, the face of the club's new ownership group and the guy who's running the team. But mentioned deep down is the fact that Jordan, now famously the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, chipped in $5 million to buy a stake in the team.

The Fish are in a bit of a mess from a baseball standpoint, with Jeter controversially dealing away superstar slugger Giancarlo Stanton this offseason, along with another All-Star player in Marcell Ozuna. And there are plenty of reports that another star, Christian Yelich, could be next. In other words, Jeter is being criticized for blowing up a team with some nice pieces, something the Marlins did relatively often under their previous ownership to many negative reviews.


So hopefully Jeter and Jordan — who it should be noted have a longtime connection through Jordan Brand — get things turned around. And hopefully things go better for Mike than they did in 1994, when he slashed .202/.289/.266 with 114 strikeouts at Double-A Birmingham.