While we’re all cooped up in 2020, Michael Jordan has blasted off into the future on his golf course. Videos have recently surfaced on the Internet showing drones delivering beers and snacks on Jordan’s exclusive course, The Grove XXIII.

In addition to the drones, MJ’s club features scooters for caddies so they can zoom ahead if needed (you can see one of those scooters in the second video), and golf carts that can drive up to 35 mph. Fun stuff to say the least.

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Jordan’s course opened in 2019 in Hobe Sound, FL and has already hosted crazy events, like Justin Thomas and Ricky Fowler going toe-to-toe in a left-handed match (both golfers are righties).

With all the incredible amenities at The Grove XXIII, here are a few more things Jordan might want to consider adding:

-A cigar roller in the clubhouse so everyone can kick back and relax like the GOAT himself

-A special ring for scoring an eagle on Hole 6 to commemorate Jordan’s six championships

-Someone to walk past you in the dining room without acknowledging your presence, so you can take that personally and use it as a competitive edge on the course

For now, we can only dream of how incredible it would be to play in MJ’s private paradise.