Bulls' second-round pick had Twitter confused for a minute


One day, after what Bulls fans hope is a long and successful career, Marko Simonović will be able to laugh about his draft day story. It really is quite the tale. 

When Simonović was drafted No. 44 by Artūras Karnišovas and the Bulls, ESPN was in a commercial break. The news was broken by Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter. Let's just call it a mini Woj Bomb. 

Understandably though, 99.9 percent of people were unfamiliar with the prospect. 

So what do you do in 2020 when you can't wait the two minutes for an explanation that's surely coming after the commercials? Google him of course!

That's when confusion set in. 

You see, there are two Marko Simonović's who happen to play basketball. The one that shows up first, is not exactly who Bulls fans were hoping the new front office would target: 

Admittedly, our own Bulls Talk even messed it up: 

Thankfully, ESPN returned from break and showed an image that wasn't that Marko Simonović.

Instead, the Bulls' Marko Simonović is a 21-year-old center. Crisis averted. 

The Bulls' social media team got the last laugh: