NBA unveils new format for 2020 draft combine


An unprecedented NBA predraft process continued to take shape Wednesday with the announcement of a loose format for the 2020 combine, beginning Sept. 28.

From Sept. 28 through Oct. 16, players will be allowed to participate in both league and team interviews over video teleconference. Also in October, players will be able to engage in some on-court activities for teams, including “strength and agility testing, anthropometric measurements, shooting drills and a ‘Pro Day’ video” and “medical testing and examinations” at the NBA team facility nearest each prospect’s residence, per a release from the league.

“NBA Draft Combine is an essential part of the pre-draft evaluation process,” President of NBA League Operations Byron Spruell said in a statement.  “While the circumstances surrounding this Combine are unique, we’re excited to creatively deliver a valuable experience for our teams, who have remained flexible through the process, and for prospective draftees who are just beginning their NBA journeys.”

The NBA said it will use HomeCourt, a basketball training application that provides real-time analytics, to facilitate the creation of the “Pro Day” videos, which will display prospects’ skills and can run up to 45 minutes.

The combine process will run through an undetermined date in mid-November. The 2020 NBA Draft is currently scheduled for Nov. 18 — though, as the release notes, that date could always change again.

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