Report: NBA, NBPA agree to delay CBA renegotiation deadline

Getty Images

Those waiting with baited breath for updated salary cap figures from the NBA will have to wait a while longer.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported Thursday that, for the third time, the league and players association agreed to push back the deadline for either side to terminate the current Collective Bargaining Agreement — which, in effect, serves as a deadline for the two sides to renegotiate any modifications that need to be made in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

That deadline was most recently scheduled to be Oct. 15, but is now being delayed until Oct. 30, according to Wojnarowski.

He went on to report "optimism" that necessary details are negotiated and finalized before the NBA Draft, which is currently scheduled for Nov. 18. Part of the reason for pushing the draft back from its once-scheduled date in mid-October was to allow teams opportunity to digest new financial realities before being thrust into personnel-shuffling season.

There is currently a moratorium on transactions around the league, which will presumably be lifted once CBA-related negotiations conclude. In an interview with The Athletic, NBPA executive director Michele Roberts said she expects free agency to happen by Dec. 1.

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