Pippen ethers Richard Jefferson after Giannis comparison

USA Today

Just over 15 years retired, Scottie Pippen is still finding time to dunk on people. Only now, he’s doing so on Twitter.

In the wake of Giannis Antetokounmpo and the league-best (by record) Milwaukee Bucks falling behind 2-0 to the Miami Heat of the Eastern Conference semifinals, ESPN’s Richard Jefferson had some takes to get off:

Now, Jefferson is no slouch. He became an NBA champion with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2015-16 as one of the last meaningful acts of a long and transient career contributing to winning basketball. Even before evolving into a quintessential role player for the San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors and Cavaliers in the 2010s, he was a 20-point-per-game scorer and two-way threat on the wing for a few successful New Jersey Nets teams in the early aughts.

But after he implied that a soon-to-be back-to-back MVP and current Defensive Player of the Year that averaged 29.5-13.6-5.6 in 2019-20 was better suited as a second fiddle (that’s no shade at Scottie, but it’s clearly the implication), Pippen hit him with the ether anyways:

All at once, Pippen humbly volleyed the Giannis comparison to himself, and spiked Jefferson’s premise into the stratosphere. Legendary stuff.

To his credit, Jefferson took Pippen’s parting shot — “Who were you as a player?” — in stride.

Ah, now you might be selling yourself a little short, RJ. But we'll allow it.

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