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Here is when not to approach Scottie Pippen

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Scottie Pippen prides himself on being approachable to fans, but there's one time he'd like to stay uninterrupted.

When he's eating.

"Let me finish eating," Pippen said when asked by Chicago Today hosts about the best ways for fans to greet him at a restaurant.

But in all seriousness, Pippen said he tries to make it easy for fans to approach him.

It's a scenario that could happen more often as the 55-year-old Hall of Famer pops up around the city where he chose to launch his new bourbon, giving Chicagoans the first taste.

"I mean, this is my home base," Pippen said. "These are the people that really supported me throughout my career and there was no other second choice, you know, other than Chicago... this is a party town, this is a sports town and people consume a lot of alcohol here."

Like many Chicagoans, Pippen appreciates summers in the city, which made launching his pandemic business venture now even sweeter.

"Summers in Chicago are great," he said. "I think everything was perfect in terms of us getting back to Chicago, but also being able to promote this brand."

The Bulls legend said he hopes to one day see his new bourbon, Digits, in every city restaurant and bar.

Pro tip? You might not want to try and keep up with him, though.

"This bourbon for some reason does not get me drunk," he said. "I just can't get enough of it and I don't get a hangover."


"Scottie Pippen Reveals the One Time He Wishes Fans Wouldn't Approach Him" originally appeared on NBCChicago.com.

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