Pippen thinks Chicagoans cheer for Packers, Bucks too


A rallying cry among Chicago Bears fans is FTP. 

It's a social media hashtag, a flair on the Bears' subreddit.

IYKYK. If you don't, it's a not so nice expression of Bears feelings towards the Green Bay Packers. We'll let you guess what the F stands for.

And there is no way and Bears fan in Chicago is ever happy for any success the Packers have.

But Bulls legend Scottie Pippen thinks Chicagoans have a soft-spot for our neighbors up north, lumping in the Milwaukee Bucks and Giannis Antetokounmpo to boot.

"I've always felt very good about the fan base here. They've always been supportive," Pippen told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "I think that's been vice versa. I'm sure Chicago fans have cheered for the Bucks and for Giannis (Antetokounmpo) as well as for the Packers... It's like a family here, to me."

Surprised he also didn't lump in the Brewers too.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is public enemy No. 1 in Chicago. He knows it. You don't yell "I own you" to supportive fans.

Bulls fans definitely don't have a soft-spot for the Bucks, ya know, the whole Grayson Allen breaking Alex Caruso's wrist and derailing the season. Then there was another incident with DeMar DeRozan after that. Allen is reviled and booed vociferously at the United Center.


Giannis, we'll give Pippen a pass. He is a legitimate nice dude in the world of sports. Just watch how Giannis makes this post-game press conference with two Make-A-Wish kids special.

And of course Pippen felt beloved in Wisconsin, he was part of those iconic '90s Bulls teams alongside Michael Jordan. They transcended sports in popularity and people from all over the country got on the bandwagon. We see it today with the Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry to a lesser extent.

But Grayson Allen is the worst.

Aaron Rodgers is the worst.

And Justin Fields sold more jerseys in Wisconsin than Rodgers.

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