Revisiting top 10 Chicago Bulls moments from the 2019-20 NBA season

If the season ended today, the Bulls would finish 22-43, eight games removed from a playoff spot in the East and… Wait for it… Seventh in the lottery standings.

The customary response to a hypothetical like that is usually something to the affect of: ‘Well, luckily the season doesn’t end today.’ Only these times are far from usual. As of this writing, we are less than a week into “at least” a month-long hiatus for the NBA in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic — and even that timeline feels optimistic. 

So, has the Bulls’ 2019-20 season ended already? If it hasn’t, under what conditions will it resume? Those questions and myriad more are unanswerable right now.

What we can say with relative certainty is that this year was a disappointing one for the Bulls. Those 22 wins, after all, merely match last season’s total and still trail year one of the rebuild’s total by five. Injuries, regression and underperformance pervaded every phase of this campaign. The few bright spots — Zach LaVine making a leap, Coby White rapidly developing before our very eyes and the vision of those two playing together, to name a few — have been cut short by the hiatus. 

But even an underwhelming season is never for naught, and this one for the Bulls certainly had its moments. As we find our footing in the basketball-less hellscape that will soon become the norm, we’ve compiled the top ten Bulls moments from this season for you to relive.

Yes, fandom can be painful, but what we’re about to find out is you truly never know a good thing until it’s gone. With that, click away...

Top 10 Bulls moments from the 2019-20 season